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A wonderful collection of Children's books by Victoria Brock for you to keep and treasure. The stories will inspire and delight the minds of children with their traditional illustrations and a deeper meaning that children will love and  understand immediately.

Harriet the Hedgehog

Harriet the Hedgehog is very very shy, you see she has no spikes and she's unsure why.

Her mother has always said, "You were born this way so don't get upset about what other hogs say."

But Harriet is embarrassed about the way that she looks…

Please note: This is the new version of Harriet the Hedgehog with all-new colour illustrations throughout.

Harrison the Hedgehog

Harrison the Hedgehog is clever, cute and cool. But he has a problem: he cannot curl up into a ball.

He has tried a roly-poly and curling up tight but everything he tries he can't seem to get it right...

Olly the Octopus

Down at the bottom of the deep red sea, there lived Olly the octopus and his family, there is Oscar, Olivia, Olly and his wife but living in the red sea isn't always nice…

Simon the Snake

A grumpy snake, a bossy mouse and a reason to clean your teeth every day...

Bella and Barney the Badgers

Bella the badger is snuggled up in her bed

to shut her eyes and rest her sleepy head.

When Barney the Badger from the set next door

strolled into her room and announced that he wanted
to explore.


"I'm bored of sleeping throughout the day

I want to see the daylight and go outside to play.

I want to see the squirrels climbing up and down trees

and I want to see the clouds moving in the breeze"

Where it all started

I started writing from a young age and when my son was born I enrolled on a creative writing course and started writing children's books.


Harriet the Hedgehog was the first book that I self-published in 2013. I was inspired to write this book when my nieces, who are identical twins, were diagnosed with leukaemia in September 2009, when they were four years old.


I decided to give £1 of every book sold to Starlight Children's Foundation who make wishes come true for seriously unwell children and sent the book to over 40 schools, hospitals and charities and managed to get the book stocked in over ten shops within six months.


I quickly gained a local following and self published my second book Harrison the Hedgehog also in 2013.


Since then I have visited schools, hospitals, libraries and have been in the local paper and magazines numerous times and been interviewed by Suffolk Radio. The support that I've had from local shops, the public and friends has been overwhelming.


If you would like more information or if you would like me to visit your school please email me at victoria-brock@hotmail.co.uk


You can also keep up to date with what I am doing by following me on

Twitter (@victoriaBrock1) and Facebook


Starlight Children’s Foundation

Starlight brightens the lives of seriously and terminally ill children by wish granting and also by providing fun, entertainment, laughter and distraction for children in every children’s hospital ward and hospice throughout the United Kingdom. All Starlight’s activities are aimed at distracting children from the pain, fear and isolation they can often feel as a result of their illnesses. You can find out more about Starlight here.



Well, 2017 is a really exciting year for me as my next two books Simon the Snake and Bella and Barney the Badgers will be available, Simon the Snake in the summer and Bella and Barney the Badgers towards the end of the year.

I really wanted a new look for these two books so I started looking for a new illustrator about a year ago and after searching high and low I was contacted by a local up and coming artist Vicki Tunbridge who was just perfect for the job.

We sat down and discussed ideas, colours and the book layout and I am totally thrilled with the end result.

From July I will be launching Simon the Snake in various places, so please keep an eye on my social media sites – Instagram, twitter and facebook for more information. It would be lovely to see you there, I will also be putting news out about Bella and Barney the Badgers.

Please can I remind you to review my books on Amazon and other social media sites, it is so important that I get reviews so other people can see your comments and I always love hearing your feedback.

Finally, I would like to say a huge thank you for all your support, its hard work self-publishing, promoting and selling books but I love it and without you I wouldn’t be able to do it.


To contact my illustrators please contact Vicki Tunbridge at vickitunbridge@gmail.com or see Kim Whittingham's website www.kimwhittingham.org


Contact me

If you have any questions at all about my books, illustrations, or how or where to buy,  please contact me by email at victoria-brock@hotmail.co.uk

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Please contact me to find out where my books are stocked or order online below. I also have my books on Amazon and you can see what I am doing on Facebook Victoria Brock Children's Book Author.


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